Second Floor, Gunawarman Street 41

Aulia Yunita

Meet Olie, the lady who gathers us all and make 2020 happens. Besides her passion to gardening, she definitely loves tequila like we all do. A very warm figure that you can easily approach, she will listen to your stories while you are here.

Andrews Agustinus

A very passionate guy behind 2020 Cocktails and Agaves bar, Andrews is very well known. He has many awards in bartending competitions within the country and abroad. Whenever you have conversation with him, you can feel his passion about spirits drinks. Based on your preference, he can accurately suggest you what to drink.

Dewi Bimani

Our bartendress who loves to sing and watch horror movies. Her experience to work in one of the bars in Bali, has built her to be a great bartendress. Dewi likes to share her knowledges on agave spirits to anyone, suggesting you what to drink while you are here. She loves to travel and discover new places to again learn about the local drinking culture. 

Rahmat Winarto

You can call him Omat, his years of experience in the industry within the country and abroad, makes him the right person to handle the floor, the service, and the guests relator, and of course he makes you great tacos and nachos too. Anytime you need to book or arrange a party at 2020 Cocktails and Agaves bar, feel free to reach him. Beside his ability to speak many languages, he is also good at dancing. If groove is in your heart, feel free to ask him to dance with you. 

Damianus Aryo

The tallest bartender in 2020 that you can easily call ‘Dam’. His experience as a bartender in one of the hotel in the Middle East assures you get delicious cocktails crafted by his hand. 

He’ll be behind the bar to listen to your stories all night long, while suggesting you what mezcal you should try next. Interestingly, Dam might impress you with his skill on flipping the rubik’s cube in a blink of eyes. Do you like gunplas too?